One day I was running down the stairs of my house in Ill. when I jumped the last few stairs. Now, since I hadn't been home in several months, I had forgotten how low the overhang was on the stairs and so when I jumped, I cracked my head wide open on the overhang. It hurt a lot for a fraction of a second but then it didn't hurt at all. Unfortunately, right after I landed I felt this warm thick bloody mess crawl down my face as if it were eger (sic) to escap (sic) the confines of my head. [Plusses in the margins from his teacher.] The first thing I thought was "aw @!!?#$ I'm going to the hospitle (sic)!" By that time my dad was downstairs jaming (sic) a white rag on my forehead and telling me to, "keep the pressure on." The next thing I know we're in the car doing 80 to the hospitle blocks away. Soon afterward we were in the Emergency room sitting and waiting patiently filling out forms. About half an hour later some one pointed out a doctor and he gave me about 10 stitches and told me to "keep it dry." We got home and I had a cup of tea and dad worked on getting the little pools of blood out of the rug and the car. [another plus from his teacher]