The Box

This story is about what I would put in my memory box of Wilmette, Illinois. I remember the snow. I miss the snow, and I miss my friends, mainly Joe. I miss my Dad and Chicago, hot dogs and Wrigley Field (the Cubs).

I would put in my memory box my Dad's gloves because I played in the snow with them, my tool box because I made it in Illinois, my work bench for the same reason as the tool box, my ice skates because I had fun with them, my sled because there is snow there, my ski mask because I wore it on cold days, Hobbes, my stuffed animal because I made him, all my stuffed animals because they are special to me, my photo album with pictures of my clubhouse that I built, Linden L. (public train) because I rode it all the time, the park because I played there and had fun.

This box is special to me because it helps me remember who I am and where I'm from.

Karl Robinson, 4th Grade
Marin Elementary School's book of Marin Authors, 1990-91