Rails of Life

Karl Robinson
(June 2001)

I sing a song for love of life,

And break away from Pettiness.

I laugh and love and strain against,

The everyday world of the penniless.

The track of life,

Two horse-ends wide,

Reliable and efficiently boring.

Break free the rails and travel west,

Gliding on white-feathered, red-bull wings.

Spread your joy and Optomistic apple-seed,

Drip sweet lust for life searing,

From angelic avarice-free wings,

And lift the spirits of those below.

Our Roman Centurian Brothers,

Share with them your vision,

For their journey is not so easy,

Allow the elements of love and acceptance,

To enact freedom of wings over rails,

And allow your psyche to react,

And React.